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Community Supported Agriculture

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CSA (community-supported agriculture) has been a way for small-to-medium sized farms to get community support for their work by marketing directly to local consumers for decades. A broader range of manufacturers interested in direct marketing have recently taken up the veggie box subscription concept. As Covid-19 wreaked havoc on food markets in 2020, a slew of new CSA-style initiatives appeared to meet the growing need for clean, safe, fresh, and equitable food.

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Here's what you get:

  •  In simple sessions, students are exposed to fresh vegetables, giving them the confidence to try eating these foods at home. 
  •  Lessons that enhance the understanding of sustainability and the interconnectedness of food while teaching cooking skills and recipes to excite your menus   
  • Affordable nutritious meals that may be prepared using seasonal produce and basic cupboard staples including  pasta,  plant-based soups, salads, and supper bowls, and easy desserts will be showcased. 

Here's what people say about working with Nadine:

 "Nadine teaches cooking with radiance, creativity, and inspiration

Family of 3

 "Chef Nadine empowers parents to cook healthy meals for our families with time for ourselves too.

Family of 4

 "Learning to streamline our meals, has never been more family fun.

Kris and Katrina
Family of 4

 "Nadine is generous with her knowledge, deep with her food passion, and creative in her teaching.

Family of 4

Chef Nadine

Green Queen of Cuisine

Hello there  I'm Chef Nadine, Green Queen of Cuisine, a pro at meal planning who specializes in feeding families with diverse dietary requirements and plant-based cuisine with foods you have in your pantry.
My signature system and batch cooking routine has always transformed my evenings and state of zen —and we can do the same for you. Cooking can be a joy and a meditation, let us show you how! 

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